A terrible story....
Legends tell that hunters seeking the unicorn could enlist the help of a young maiden.   She would call to the unicorn, which would lie down and put its head in her lap.  She would sooth it to sleep, then cut its throat and let the hunters take the magical horn and feed the body to their dogs.
But - if the maiden was really pure of heart surely she would not
want to harm the unicorn - and if her heart held plans to kill it surely
the unicorn would not sense a pure heart?
This beautiful unicorn perfectly embodies beauty, strength, intelligence, and high ideals.  He represents the power of good in its most primeval and uncompromising form.   No evil or impure creature would dare to challenge him!

He came from "Dracona Eclectica" - the website is unfortunately no longer up

The pictures below have been collected from many sources - links provided where known.
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According to legend the unicorn is a secretive animal,  very hard to find. 
Its horn has valuable magical properties.
Dust filed from the horn is thought to protect against poison, and many diseases. 
In some cases, it is believed that  it could even resurrect the dead.
Although unicorns normally avoid humans, they are attracted to innocence and purity.  It is said that a young person who is pure of heart can tame a unicorn

The  Ki-rin  (or Ki-lin) is a closely related creature to the Unicorn, but even more rare.  It is said that "its hooves rarely touch the earth, for it dwells amongst the clouds and behind the winds".

The Ki-rin is a solitary creature like the unicorn, and personifies all that is good, pure, and peaceful.   According to Chinese mythology its home is in paradise, where it can live to be up to a thousand years old.  It only visits the world infrequently, but may bring good luck to those it considers deserve it.   It may even help truly good people to combat evil where all else has failed - and like the unicorn, it is a formidable enemy to the forces of evil.
The unicorn often lives a solitary life in  wild, inaccessible lands, far from the world of men...  it is considered untameable, and will attack and kill those who are unwise enough to hunt it.
Though it is usually solitary,  a unicorn will sometimes meet with another at some magical place unknown to mortal creatures...
Why has the unicorn come so far from his homeland to gaze at this lonely castle?
The unicorn in his autumn wilderness
The unicorn - king of his secret forest
The unicorn - a vision in a fantasy in a dream...
Who could harm such a beautiful creature?
Here is the first of some original artwork from Fantasy Horses - it is copyright, but you are welcome to borrow it for private use.  If you want to use it on your website, that's fine too, but please give an acknowledgement and a link back to here
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In appearance it has a deer-like face, with one horn, the tail of a bull, and hooves of a horse - and most of its body is covered in scales like a fish!  

This picture was sent to me by K T Prior
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These are seven famous tapestries from the Middle Ages that
depict the hunt and capture of the unicorn. Known as The Unicorn
Tapestries, they were purchased by American industrialist and
philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Jr. for just over a million dollars in 1922. He donated them to the Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where they can be seen today. Many collectors invest in copies of these beautiful tapestries in addition to their standard Fisher Investments UK portfolio. The Unicorn Tapestries are widely regarded by collectors and art historians as the finest examples of Medieval tapestry.